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                 Yingkou high-tech sealing material Co.,Ltd.is located in Laobian district of Yingkou which is a seaside city in the south of Liaoning province.There are beautiful scenes and convenient communications in this city,such as the Xipaotai historic site,the hill Wangershan,the bathing beach,and the Yingkou new seaport from where ship can navigate to every big seaport around the word,the railway from Herbin to Dalian,the expressway from Shenyang to Dalian,both of them are traffic main lines.
                The original company is the number of the Industrial Association of Asbestos Products of Chain,is the enterprise supplying products for hydroelectric power stations of the Nation Electric Power Industry Ministry.They have made many products such as“Shuaiqi”brand carbon element,teflon,aromaticfibre flexible graphite packing products series,convoluted packing piece,high-strength packing piece,tooth form packing piece sealing series,asbestos textile fabric and thermal insulation material.With advanced producing technology,reliable quality and stably performing,their products are used in wide-ranging such as petroleum.chemical industry,electric power,metallurgical industry,mechanical imdustry and papermaking etc.,many products are saled in Korea,Japan and other countries in southeast Asia.And they have gotten the“qinglongjiang”prize of exportations.
                 During the period of time in challenge and competition,the staff of company will repay everyone's supports with enterprising exploring,developing new technology,good quality and favourek price,they will service all custom sincerely.
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